Sony Ericsson Video Phone Concept

Sony Ericsson Video Phone Concept

The Sony Ericsson Video Phone concept packs a simple keypad with hand-writing recognition technology and dual-mode functionality.

The handset’s keypad can be locked into place to provide a sturdy stand/rest to allow users to sit back enjoy the video calling experience.

According to the Sony Ericsson Video Phone’s designer, the handset should come with only four hardware keys and a wide touchscreen display that can be used either with a stylus or with your finger(s), it also can be rotated at 45 degrees, where it stays locked in order to provide a better video-calling experience as well as a better way of viewing videos.

Furthermore, the VP handset would pack a 5 Megapixel camera, Music and Video players, advanced Internet capabilities, no less than 8GB of internal memory, a USB port.

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