Samsung Ego GT-S9402 Luxury Phone

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 Luxury Phone

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 is the South Korean company’s new luxury device.

This luxury phone is made of liquid metal composite alloy, which was developed by CalTech and features some impressive properties. It can withstand 1.8 times the pressure of a normal composite, at the same time being three times stronger and 1.6 times more flexible, and having 3 times better vibration absorption and 100% lower terminal conductivity than titanium.

Samsung Ego GT-S9402 also features two SIM cards, a 2″ QVGA 262K color AMOLED display, a 5 Megapixel autofocus, imagine stabilization, smile detection and WDR plus LED flash camera, Bluetooth, USB and FM Radio with RDS, 1GB of built-in memory and microSHDC card slot for up 8GB of memory.

The Samsung EGO is available now for about 1,200 Euros.

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