Pantech IM-S380K Stylish HSDPA Phone

Pantech IM-S380K Stylish HSDPA Phone

Pantech has just unveiled a Sky phone, the stylish IM-S380K. The handset is designed to work only with Korea’s KTF.

Coming in a slider form factor, the IM-S380K brings the following features: a 7:3 aspect ratio, a display with a 240 x 400 resolution, high-speed data transmission HSDPA, Bluetooth connectivity, music player and FM radio, microSD memory card slot, front-facing video-call camera, email, Sky Studio (a photo editing application), subway map and electronic dictionary.

Pantech IM-S380K comes in three color versions: white, black and pink. It costs 400,000 KRW (around 355 US dollars) without a contract.

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