Motorola EM25 ROKR Phone Unveiled

Motorola EM25 ROKR Phone Unveiled

Motorola EM25 has just been announced. The new ROKR handset targets young consumers who want their handsets to pack lots of music related features.

Coming in a slider form factor, the EM25 brings about the same features as the two new ROKR handsets: EM30 and EM28, save for the fact that this one only packs dual-band GSM technology (850 / 1900 MHz or 900 / 1800 MHz) with GPRS.

Relying on Moto’s ModeShift technology, the EM25 comes with a keypad that can change its look and functionality in order to offer users a good control over its functions.

Motorola said that the new ROKR handset would be commercially available starting this quarter, in most of the countries around the world.

The retail price of Motorola EM25 has not been announced yet.

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