iPhone Game – Multi-Hand BlackJack

iPhone Game - Multi-Hand BlackJack

Multi-Hand BlackJack (3-Card Edition) is an iPhone/iPod Touch game that lets you play the popular casino game anywhere and anytime. It will soon be available in the Apple App Store.

Features of Multi-Hand BlackJack:

* Play up to 3 hands at a time (6 with Splits!)

* Realistic casino game-play with many rule variations.

* Ability to play with smart computer players so you don’t feel alone.

* Fluid game-play with great graphics and touch-friendly controls which simulate casino gestures.

* Many achievements to try to unlock, so the challenge never ends.

* A career mode using a BANK/ATM that lets you track your true net winnings over time.

* Automatic save game feature, so you can stop playing anytime, and continue exactly where you left off.

* Collects lots of stats you can use to improve your game.

Demo video after the break:

Visit Multi-Hand BlackJack’s official website for more information.

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