iPhone 3G FAQ From Gizmodo

iPhone 3G FAQ From Gizmodo

Gizmodo gives us a list of FAQs about the new iPhone 3G. These questions include:

The Phone

How much will an iPhone 3G cost?
What’s changed between the first generation and the iPhone 3G? Honestly?
How much will it really cost me over 2 years?.
When can I buy it?
Where can I buy it?
How fast is the 3G over 2G (EDGE)?
How does the GPS work?
Will the added 3G and GPS hurt my battery life?
What about that rumor that the iPhone 3G has a front camera?
What comes inside the iPhone 3G box?
Does the iPhone 3G finally have MMS/picture messaging?
Can I tether the iPhone 3G to my laptop to get on-the-go internet?
How durable is it compared to the first-gen?

The Software

When will the iPhone 2.0 software be released?
Do I need an iPhone 3G to get Exchange and other businessy features?
What’s MobileMe?
Do I need an iPhone 3G to use MobileMe’s syncing features?
Do I need an iPhone 3G to use the iPhone 2.0 software?
Are there limits to what kind of applications I can download in the App Store?
Is there going to be iChat?
Who’s making and supporting games?

The Service

Do I need to sign a new 2-year contract with AT&T if I buy a new iPhone 3G?
Can I activate my iPhone over iTunes like I did the first time?
Will my old iPhone plan work with the new iPhone?
Will activating a new iPhone 3G brick my old iPhone?
If I want to keep my old iPhone on the $20 data plan, will it still be around?
Can I use the iPhone 3G on a prepaid plan?
What are European iPhone plans looking like?
What happens a year from now when Apple releases an even better iPhone?
What’s the price for the iPhone for existing AT&T customers who may or may not be eligible for an upgrade?

The Rest

Will there be cases for the iPhone 3G when it launches?
Can I get a free upgrade to the iPhone 3G?
Did some feature that I wanted get added to the iPhone 3G?
Will I be able to use this thing on T-Mobile like I was before?
If I somehow get ahold of an iPhone 3G and shove in a SIM from my old iPhone, what happens?
Should I sell my old iPhone to raise money for the new one?
Should I sell my old iPhone to raise money for the new one on Craigslist if I live in a lousy neighborhood?
How’s the return policy like?
Does the iPhone 3G work like an iPod with iPod accessories?
Can I use the iPhone 3G on Verizon or Sprint?
Can I still buy your book teaching me how to use it?

Check out gizmodo for answers.

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