Future iPhone APPs

Future iPhone APPs

As we all know, iPhone SDK has been released. We will see many new iPhone applications soon. Alex Iskold, from readwriteweb.com, gives us a look at what’s coming.

1. Reality Tagging
You take a picture of a landmark, then comment and add tags. The phone will automatically geo-tag it and send the picture to a photo sharing service on the Web.

2. People Tagging
You can take a picture and assign it to a contact. It is just a matter of time before these pictures will available to a search engine. Doing it on the phone will be quick and fun.

3. Physical Social Networks
You will be able to walk into a restaurant, open up your iPhone and see a list of your friends who have been to the place. You will be able to instantly find out what your friends thought of it, you can flip through their comments and ratings, share comments on the menu – all from the palm of your hand.

4. Reality Recognition
Reality recognition will be fueled by reality tagging and advanced image recognition. You will point iPhone at the tree and instantly a Wikipedia page about it will load. Or imagine that it’s your first time in New York City. You point an iPhone at the Chrysler building and again information about the landmark will be paged to your iPhone.

5. Distributed Mobile Games
Casual gaming is especially on the rise these days, fueled by social networks. Applying this model to mobile devices is particularly interesting since it enables people to tap into, not web-based, but fully-fledged 3D games – anywhere. The possibilities range from setting the mood of a game based on the surroundings, to connecting players based on geo location. And even without tying the games to the physical world, the fact that people can tap into the network at any time is game changing (pardon the pun).

6. Credit Card and Biometrics as Software
Soon credit cards will become software. You will walk into a store and to pay, you simply choose a credit card button. The iPhone will communicate securely with the cash register in the store, via Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi.

Check out more infomations at readwriteweb.com.

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