Blackberry Game: LEGO Racers

LEGO Racers

About the Game

Enter the world of LEGO in the craziest racer you’ve ever seen as you take to the track to grab power-ups, pummel your rivals and take the checkered flag!

Pick your favorite racer based on five LEGO themes: Dinosaur, Space, Pirate, Construction and Arctic. Bombard your rivals with wacky weapons from the pirate’s cannon to the dino’s wheel spikes leaving traps in the ground for the enemy. Grab extra power-ups and trip up your opponents with banana skins or a deadly lightening attack. Give yourself an extra edge with powerful car upgrades between races. Collect enough coins as you go and you can even upgrade your car’s performance on more than 15 all-action tracks.

Pick up extra weapons including banana skins and missiles.

Race 5 unique cars based on different LEGO themes.

Avoid track dangers like oil spills and lava pools!

Over 15 tracks and 5 different terrains to race on.

Customize your car between races with a faster engine or better tires.

Incredible graphics – see totaled cars fly apart in a blizzard of LEGO bricks!

Play a whole grand prix or customize a single race however you want.

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LEGO Racers


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