iPhone 3G Free of Contract via AT&T

iPhone 3G Free of Contract via AT&T

The iPhone 3G is getting closer and closer. Some operators have recently announced the prices and data plans that will come with this new handset.

AT&T, the largest operator in North American and the only mobile carrier to offer the Apple’s new handset in the US, has just unveiled the official prices and plans for iPhone 3G.

AT&T will offer iPhone 3G free of contract. When exactly this will happen is unknown, but the prices for the contract-free iPhone 3G has been released: $599 for the 8GB version and $699 for the 16GB one.

Still, the initially announced $199 price is a real one, but only for the 8G version of the handset and with a 2-year contract agreement that requires a monthly plan of at least $69.99 (which includes unlimited data). This price is only available for the following categories of customers:

  • users who activate a new AT&T line;
  • users who acquired the iPhone 3G before July 11, on pre-order;
  • users who are AT&T customers and are eligible for an upgrade discount (at the time of iPhone 3G’s purchase).

The 16GB iPhone 3G has a price of $299, provided that all the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled.

Those who don’t fall into the above-listed categories will only be able to buy the new iPhone 3G stating at $399 (the 8GB version) and $499 (the 16GB version).

For full details on AT&T’s iPhone 3G prices, you can visit the carrier’s website, found at this address.

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